Wellness Wednesdays
Wednesday, June 29 • 11:00am
1st floor Adult Non-Fiction Area • Free admission


In the Kitchen: Healthier Salad Dressing Options


This program intends to increase awareness of what defines wellness and what we can do to capture it. Your definition of wellness depends on the state of your life. We all strive for perfect health and happiness, which fluctuates every day. Balance and well-being are the foundations of a healthy, happy life. A balanced life can handle the ups and downs of every day with a calm breath. How we deal with life is determined by our choices. We choose what to eat and when to eat, whether we should exercise, how to calm our mind, and who surrounds us. Learn to direct these choices in positive ways or redirect your decisions if your path generates stress, unrest, and un-health. 

Led by Wendy Bass, Recreation Leader/Fitness Instructor & One Day to Wellness Coach



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