Free Legal Clinic Predatory Lending: Your Rights and the Law
Tuesday, August 13 • 6:00pm-7:00pm
Do you have bad debt, poor credit and need help? An attorney from the S.C. Legal Services office will be here to explain your rights under law. The presentation will explain a few of the different types of loans, such as Payday Lenders, Auto Title Loans, and Mortgage (Abuse and Flipping). Learn about your rights as a consumer and some of the laws regarding the different lenders and debt collectors. Gather information that will help you to understand the possible dangers of getting caught in the cycle of borrowing from the high risk lenders. Receive advice to assist you when dealing with debt collectors; and information, if necessary, of when to file a complaint with a Consumer Affairs or Protection Agency.
This is a FREE presentation and registration is appreciated, not required. Call Laura 843-918-1295 or email