The Chapin Memorial Library provides FREE wi-fi to all visitors. The signal is open and unencrypted. No password is required, however, users are expected to abide by our Internet Policy regarding proper ediquette and usage. Printing is not available on the wireless network at this time, however users may print from our wired computer stations in the library. 

SSID:  ChapinGuestAccess


Wireless printers are availible on each floor of the library: one in the lobby at the Customer Service Desk and a second upstairs at the Information Services Desk. Connect your laptop or mobile device to ChapinGuestAccess and browse for available printers. Knowledge of your own opperating system is assumed. Costs (as of May 13, 2019) are $0.15 for black and white and $1.00 for color, per page.


Printing from a Mobile Device
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