Electronic Resource Policy

Including (but not limited to) Library Computers, Internet Use and WIFI

Chapin Memorial Library provides materials and services to help residents, city staff and visitors obtain information to meet their educational, professional and personal needs. Chapin Memorial Library provides public computers with Internet access and productivity software and wireless internet access as some tools to fulfill those needs. The Internet offers access to local, national and international sources of information. However, not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information. Individuals must exercise judgment in evaluating information via the Internet and must assume personal responsibility for use of the Internet. More information may be found at www.onguardonline.gov.

The user is responsible for knowledge of all laws for which they may or may not be held in violation.   This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Using the Library’s access to the Internet for any purposes that violate federal, state or local laws.
  2. Damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software.
  3. Violating copyright laws or software licensing agreements.
  4. Altering or attempting to alter software configurations and/or installing software.

The library does not guarantee access to all websites or external networks due to Acts of Nature, power failure and/or external and internal system security.  Maintenance and upgrades will be scheduled and posted.

While Chapin Memorial Library upholds user’s rights to privacy and confidentiality in their use of library materials, the nature of electronic resources makes it impossible to guarantee these rights. The Library does not offer a secure network; it is the user’s responsibility to determine if the website is secure.

S.C. State Law as defined by S.C. Code 16-15-305 states that users may not display or send obscene images, messages or files.  The library reserves the right to monitor all network usage, including pages viewed and duration.

Library staff will assist computer and Internet users in a manner consistent with other Library services.  The availability of staff and needs of other Library users will necessarily affect the extent of assistance in computer and Internet use.  Library staff will provide specific skill training for patrons during scheduled classes and/or prearranged appointments.

Violations will result in loss of access and/or other library privileges.  Unlawful activities may result in prosecution by local, state or federal authority. Library users may petition these policies in writing and submitting them to Library Administration. Library Administration will then reviews and consider any petitions.

The Library reserves the right to amend these policies at any given time.  A copy of the written policy is available upon request and the policy is posted in the library.


Accepted: 11/12/2012