Loan Limits:

When you are first issued your card you are limited to checking out 2 of any item. Once those are returned you may check out up to:
30 Books, 10 Audio Books, 5 DVDs, and 10 Magazines.

Loan Periods:

Every item has a loan period of 3 weeks except for:

  • DVDs: 1 week
  • Magazines: 1 week
  • Normal Print New Books: 2 weeks

Fines are $0.10 cents per day, per item for all materials, expect for New Books, which are $0.25 cents per day, per item. Fines for Inter-Library Loans are $1.00 per day, per item. When the total amount of fines owed excedes $10.00 the library account is blocked.


You may renew items up to 2 times unless someone has a hold on the item you want to renew. You may renew your items by phone or go on our website and log into your account and renew from there.

Lost or Damaged Items:

If an item that is checked out on your account (or an associated account) is lost or is damaged, the Primary Card Holder is responsible to pay the full price listed in our system to replace the item. Another option would be to purchase a replacement copy of the item and bring that to the Circulation Desk. The replacement copy must be an exact copy of the item.